Alibaba To Amazon fba Step By Step (Quick Guide For Beginners) | Journal

Shipping goods from China to Amazon FBA is a common and profitable Amazon business strategy. It’s not as complicated as it appears. There are many benefits of selling from Alibaba to Amazon. Whatever the case may be, it is undeniably more involved than simply asking the supplier to paste a UPS trademark. You should look for several options for shipping from China to Amazon FBA, as well as the things you should know before starting your initial Chinese sourcing.

What is Amazon FBA, and how does it work?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an acronym for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” An Amazon service helps providers with stockpiling, packing, and dispatching. This is highly beneficial to the vendors, as it allows them to be more flexible in their selling patterns. The service enables merchants to submit their products to Amazon fulfillment centers, stored in stockrooms until they are sold. Once an order is placed, Amazon employees manufacture, package, and deliver the item (s).

How to Ship your goods to Amazon FBA from China

If you are an Amazon vendor who ships things from China, then as a result, if you opt to use Amazon’s FBA service, you will run into a problem. The most important decision you’ll have to make is how you’ll get your products from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse. In essence, there are several methods for shipping goods. The following are examples of the three. 

Method 1: Amazon FBA direct shipping from China

When we talk about direct shipment, we’re referring to direct shipping from a vendor to Amazon FBA. As a foreign trader, this is the least time-consuming and most beneficial method. It is also the most cost-effective way when compared to other options.

When you pick direct shipping, the provider may arrange for your order to be delivered to the Amazon warehouse. Alternatively, you can find your own FBA cargo forwarder. After that, you can consider sending via Amazon’s preparation management service.

Method 2: Ship first to your home, then to the Amazon warehouse

If you don’t send your product to your home, you’ll be charged an Amazon FBA administrative fee. You will not be able to see your belongings. This is also the most apparent advantage of first delivering your merchandise to your home. 

Overall, if quality issues are identified, you can address them quickly before your clients purchase them. As a result, the risks of negative client feedback are eliminated. However, this option may incur additional transportation costs. As a result, only use this option if you are willing to pay for transportation.

Method 3: Ship to an Amazon warehouse using a prep service company.

The prep service is a third-party company that may help you process import customs allowances, transport stuff from your provider to Amazon’s stockroom, product evaluation, packaging, and trademark your products by Amazon’s precise requirements.

Normally, shipping things from China to Amazon necessitates two certifications. The first is for customs, and the second is for Amazon. When purchasing something from China, double-checking the vendors’ certificates is a good idea. If the item does not have certification, you must try a different provider.

If the provider’s item doesn’t have any certifications, it means that it isn’t up to par. When selling on Amazon, item certification is also essential. Finally, the importance of item certification cannot be overstated.