You can’t be too careful when preparing for a major accident within the home. Especially living with children or the elderly – the first aid cabinet should be stocked with necessary medical materials. However, how do you know which materials are necessary? That depends on someone’s lifestyle and medical needs. However, there are a few items that are a must. Check out what your first aid cabinet should look like:

Gauze & Adhesive Tape

Bandages are great for a paper cut or scraped knee. But gauze is an excellent material that works well due to its long fibers and ability to trap blood. The adhesive tape keeps the gauze in place while attending to other wounds or finding emergency assistance.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies vary depending on the people within the household. For example, someone with asthma will benefit from having an extra inhaler within the first aid cabinet. Depending on a person’s medical history, they may need to stock up on emergency medical supplies. ABC Medical offers shipment of medical supplies to your doorstep when needed.


Pain relief is a great resource to set inside a first aid cabinet. Most injuries lead to pain that must be relieved fast! Medications such as Tylenol or other pain relief medication will come in handy. Also, ointments should be considered if someone has encountered a bee sting or rash. Fast and minimum treatment for a wound or injury can significantly help an injured person.

Be Prepared

The best way to handle an injury at home is to be prepared. Keep the first aid cabinet stocked with essentials to keep calm during an emergency. Ultimately, you’ll be thankful for keeping items fully stocked when in need.