How to Buy UPC Codes For Amazon (Sellers Guide 2022)

Only FBA tools like Zonbase can make your FBA business run smoothly and successfully. Zonbase, today’s most trustworthy and best-value software solution, can assist you with a variety of activities. Zonbase can help you with anything from product research to keyword research to competition reverse ASIN spying to listing optimization. If a GTIN exception is not available for the product category or brand, your sole alternative is to purchase a UPC. Previously, third-party businesses could sell you UPCs. Amazon, on the other hand, now mandates that all UPCs be purchased from GS1. GTINs and UPC barcodes can be purchased through GS1US for US vendors. Even if you get an Amazon GTIN exemption, you should still intend to get a GS1 barcode in the future. With a GS1 barcode, you can create a long-term business by selling your products on different online marketplaces and in physical stores. It is important to have proper knowledge about how to get a upc code for amazon.

UPC barcodes are widely used barcodes. Although other countries can scan and read UPC codes, EANs are used by the majority of countries outside of the United States and Canada. There was a need to differentiate each vendor by geography as supply and demand in Europe, Asia, and Australia expanded. Following that, GS1 began assigning special prefixes to various GS1 member organizations. While certain prefixes identify the GS1 branch from where the prefix was licensed, they do not always indicate where the product was manufactured. For example, many people believe that all barcode prefixes on American-made products begin with a zero or one.

What do EAN codes stand for?

EANs are GS1-issued barcodes with corporate prefixes at the start of the numeric GTIN. EAN-13 and EAN-8, which encode a GTIN-13 and GTIN-8, respectively, are the most common EANs used by Amazon merchants. EAN codes, like UPC codes, do not always indicate the country of manufacture. The type of EAN you employ, like UPCs, is determined by a number of factors, including product category and distribution channel.

Every seller on Amazon must register a GTIN with each product listing on their marketplace. Amazon merchants have the option of purchasing legitimate UPC codes directly from GS1 or through a reseller. Various UPC and EAN resellers will attempt to offer cloned UPC codes in order to meet Amazon’s UPC code requirements. Because of the lower pricing, many vendors buy their UPC numbers from third-party websites, but utilizing resold Amazon UPC codes can cause more harm than benefit in the long term.

If you don’t buy your UPC code from GS1 and instead buy a cheap imitation that doesn’t match the information in the GS1 database, Amazon may remove your listing and suspend your seller account. If you purchase a reseller’s UPC code from a third-party website, it was most likely assigned to another business. Amazon will not associate your firm with your products if those copied UPC numbers belong to another company.