Solid: John Slattery (“Mad Men”), Fernanda Andrade (“The Satan Inside”), Eve Harlow (“The 100”), Aaron Clifton Moten (“Disjointed”), Gerardo Celasco (“How to Get Away With Murder”)

Airs: The collection premieres Tuesday on Fox.

The premise: Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc (John Slattery) built a fortune on the earth-altering technologies he invented. But soon after discovering that 1 of his individual creations, a strong artificial intelligence named Up coming, might have risky ramifications if produced to the community, LeBlanc tries to shutter the undertaking, only to be kicked out of the business by his possess brother.

When a series of unsettling tech mishaps factors to a probable disaster, LeBlanc joins forces with Specific Agent Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade) and swiftly realizes his worst fears have come accurate.

Highs: If you’ve expended time on-line, likelihood are you’ve felt the unpleasant feeling that technologies was creeping into your existence a little also considerably. It could be something modest, like having adverts for an product you had been a short while ago shopping for pop up on an unrelated site. Or it may be much more intrusive, like the experience that your cloud-dependent voice service is listening in on your discussions.

Most men and women brush off that perception of intrusiveness for the reason that it’s just part of employing engineering right now. You give up a little bit of privateness for a good deal of benefit. Soon after all, it is quite wonderful to purchase groceries working with Alexa from the comfort and ease of your couch. But what if that lingering experience of technological creep was much even worse than you ever imagined? What if the engineering we have all grow to be accustomed to was used by hyper-smart AI for its very own nefarious uses? That is the premise of “Next,” Fox’s new technological thriller that will make you get started on the lookout at your sensible Television a tiny far more suspiciously.

“Next” centers on LeBlanc, an Elon Musk-variety who’s one-portion genius and a person-portion egomaniacal jerk. In most community sequence, LeBlanc would be a tech guru cliche, applying the dark world-wide-web and hacking into the CIA mainframe from a exhibit laptop or computer at the area Ideal Obtain, but which is not the case in this article.

LeBlanc is a layered character. He’s a male whose singular ambition has waylaid nearly each and every personalized romantic relationship he’s had. A nonexistent relationship with his daughter and a fractured enterprise partnership with his brother increase a depth to the character. Including to his complexity is the point that LeBlanc is dying from a uncommon genetic brain ailment that causes paranoia and hallucinations. At times even he’s not positive what’s actual and what is not. Slattery performs the job brilliantly, with just enough humor to soften the character’s rougher edges.

Doing work side-by-side with LeBlanc is FBI agent Salazar. She leads a group of cybercrime gurus that arrives throughout the Next technique by an uncommon murder. Much like LeBlanc, there is significantly much more to the character of Salazar than the classic and exhausted federal agent trope. Although she’s vibrant and established, viewers peer into her personal life in a way that gives this means to her actions.

This not likely duo fight an antagonist that uses unconventional techniques. The Following AI is not Skynet, all set to start nuclear missiles to lay waste to humanity. The process is intelligent more than enough to use individuals in opposition to each individual other, which is appreciably additional sinister.

Lows: There are times when “Next” rides a good line in between strained credulity and self-parody. In a single of the episodes I viewed, a 4-legged robotic results in being a murderous danger, a moment that’s pretty much comical.

A little bit additional concerning for me is Fox’s document when it comes to sci-fi programming. “Firefly,” “Terra Nova,” “Almost Human” and “Minority Report” are just a couple of of the one of a kind demonstrates Fox retained on a quick leash, canceling them all just after 1 year. Hopefully “Next” avoids the very same fate.

Grade: (B+): “Next” does a sound career of having a thing quite a few of us are anxious about — our about reliance on technology — and producing us search a bit additional closely at how we look at artificial intelligence. Clever, a bit scary and a whole ton of enjoyment, “Next” is a show that incredibly balances our have trepidations when it arrives to engineering with deft storytelling.

Gazette Tv set critic Terry Terrones is a member of the Tv Critics Affiliation and the Critics Preference Affiliation. You can follow him on Twitter at @terryterrones.