But most cybercriminals aren’t tech geniuses like Jonathan was they are good at basic abilities and inclined to study.

  • Kim, for instance, was a middle-aged bookseller from Denver who have to have study far too several crime thrillers and “how-to” computer system manuals. Relying solely on what he acquired from books, he turned a profitable cybercriminal — until the regulation caught up with him. He used 4 several years in federal jail.
  • Thomas had retired from a career as a property finance loan officer ahead of he made the decision there was easier funds to be had from thieving over the website. He, way too, ended up in prison.
  • David was a occupation felony — check-kiting was his bread and butter until finally he found out it was much easier to steal as a cybercrook.
  • Albert was a kid from Miami with personal computer techniques who grew to become quite wealthy prior to he was caught and given a 20-yr jail sentence.
  • Ray was a retired Military officer who didn’t get started his cybercrime career right up until he was 64.
  • Shawn was an aspiring actor who was a natural at identity theft.

These are just some of the folks I know who got caught. Most superior-tech scammers never. But what we can learn from them is that there is no solitary profile of a cybercriminal — other than they are motivated by what they believe that will be effortless funds.

What you can also choose absent from their stories is that the tech instruments of criminality are relatively straightforward to discover, buy and use. Purchase some desktops and headsets, get top rated-quality net support, obtain and set up the right program, teach your workers to use it and other on the web tools, and your boiler place can be up and operating immediately.

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The dark net

This underground component of the world wide web began as a job formulated by the U.S. Navy to allow for intelligence operatives to converse with just about every other anonymously. About time, the Navy made its Tor browser “open supply,” that means any one could use the dark internet, together with you and me — and for free. That has tested to be a jackpot for criminals. Due to the fact of its capability to continue to keep users anonymous, tech professionals train fraud artists how to use it to communicate, share information and facts, buy stolen merchandise and products and services, and plot criminal actions.


That is the name of a protected, encrypted, personal messaging application owned by Pavel Durov, a Russian billionaire. Telegram is notoriously unfriendly to law enforcement, and so it has turn out to be the new favorite assembly put of online crooks and scammers.