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AR-10 rifles are surely one of the best rifles when you think of ensuring the hundred percent accuracy for shooting. With some of the best specifications, this particular gun is always a better option than a whole lot of the latest guns in case of long-range shooting. 

Important specifications:

There are some of the important specifications that will help you understand whether this gun will be perfect for your use.

  • It comes with a barrel length of 528 mm. The length of the overall rifle will be 1050 mm.
  • You will get both automatic and semi-automatic options for this gun.
  • You can fire 700 rounds per minute with this gun.
  • Weight will vary from 3.29 kg to 4.05 depending on the different models you are purchasing.

Calibers available with this rifle:

You will get many calibers for this rifle which includes the four most frequently used options. 5.56 NATO, 300 Blackout, 223 Remington, and 7.62×39 mm are those options. You will get the best combination of power and simplicity in this rifle, making this gun always a perfect choice. It is mainly made of fiberglass and all the other materials, which are extremely durable. At the same time, these materials ensure that the guns will be lightweight. 

Basic components:

These rifles come up with some of the basic components for an upper receiver like Assembly related to forward assist, dust cover for an ejection port, Roll pin for Gas tube, Charging handle, Barrel, and Gas Block. There are plenty of other small components available as well. Concerning the lower receiver, you will find components like spring and trigger, detent and safety spring, safety selector lever, a button for magazine release, trigger guard, buffer retainer, washer screw and pistol grip, castle nut, and many others.

Why this gun is useful:

This gun is considered very useful, and this is why it is used in various sectors for protecting offices. It is also commonly used for hunting.

  • Even a person using the gun for the first time can easily use this gun because of the easy mechanism. 
  • Because of the lightweight, it is very easy to grip, and at the same time, it will be very convenient for you to handle the gun while firing.
  • You will get both automatic and semi-automatic options, and you can choose the best option as per your requirement.
  • In the case of long-range shooting, you can get great accuracy with this particular gun. Its reliability, durability, and accuracy are some of the most important reasons why many people like to use them.

If you are searching for the best gun for long-range shooting, this gun will surely be a great choice. Though it is a little expensive because of the less availability, this gun can be considered very trustworthy. There are various model options available for this gun in the market. So, you will be able to purchase them within various price ranges. You can check the unique specifications of the best models to purchase the best option for you.