An online MBA in that field is the best option for those seeking a general business degree specializing in human resources. It is offered online, has flexible learning options, and offers the chance to take courses in international business immersion.

Cost of an online MBA in Human Resources

An online MBA may be the answer if you want to build a career in human resources. A graduate degree in HR can open the door to several high-profile, prestigious positions. In addition, it offers more versatility in your employment options than a bachelor’s degree.

As companies continue to adapt and innovate, the role of HR professionals will continue to change. An MBA in HR will help you prepare for these changes and help you to thrive in the competitive job market.

Typical human resources MBA programs include foundational business courses and electives in the field. These courses will deepen your understanding of human-resource issues and make you more effective in your leadership role.

Various organizations will cover the cost of your HR master’s degree. However, you may need to apply for scholarships or government grants to cover the remainder. The cost of each program varies according to where you live and the institution you choose.


An online MBA in human resources is ideal for aspiring human resources professionals to get the training and experience they need. Many top business schools now offer degrees in this popular field online. These programs provide the same coursework and requirements as in-person degrees, with the added convenience of a remote learning format.

With an MBA in HR, you’ll understand human resources administration comprehensively. You’ll learn to use strategic and tactical skills to help your organization reach its full potential. The program will also teach you how to develop and lead diverse workforces.

You’ll complete your degree in two years or less, depending on your chosen school. Many online MBA programs offer concentrations, allowing you to select the courses that suit your career goals.

International business immersion opportunities

An online MBA in Human Resources can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of business. The program includes a variety of core courses, as well as electives that address international business and global trends. You will also gain insight into the contemporary business world through experiential learning.

A Global Immersion Experience is a two-credit course that allows you to immerse yourself in a different country for a week. During this experience, you’ll meet local executives and explore the unique culture of the host nation. During the immersion, you’ll take classes taught in English, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with students from other countries.

Students can also participate in the optional extension course, which takes five additional days of travel to a specific region. During this time, you’ll visit two or three businesses daily, learn about the local economy, and get to know the community’s culture.

Courses offered

Online MBA in Human Resources courses focus on strategic skills and leadership and prepare students for career advancement in HR. Students learn to manage people, solve workplace problems, and keep employers happy.

An online human resources MBA program typically takes two years to complete. The program focuses on employee benefits, performance management, and the use of reward systems to motivate employees. Students learn how to recruit, train, and develop employees. They also learn to design compensation and reward systems.

Some online MBA in Human Resources programs offers accelerated programs that allow students to complete one year of full-time study. Other schools provide hybrid degree options, in which some coursework is done on-campus, and the rest is done online.

Degree in general business with a concentration on human resources

When choosing a career in the human resources arena, you have a choice of two main types: generalists and specialists. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But which is the right career path for you?

Generalists have the broadest range of skills but need more depth in the organizational operations and knowledge necessary to excel in their field. On the other hand, specialists are experts in one or more specialties, which makes them more valuable to the business.

Specialists have a distinct advantage: they have a defined career path. It means they are more likely to see success. The best part is they are often rewarded for their efforts.

Conversely, specialists may have fewer options in the workplace. Similarly, they may spend more time making career decisions.

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