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Many wardrobes today have a narrow space full of troublesome and wrinkled clothes, leaving them in a damaged state. This is the very reason why we want to build a huge walk-in closet where we can put our clothes in an organize manner and where we can keep our shoes, bags, hats, ties, etc. in an accessible corner. In this manner, dressing early in the morning will never be stressful yet a comfortable and enjoyable one. But if your problem is that you have a small room, then you are just in the right page. 

Furthermore, the wardrobe has long been considered a luxurious addition to the bedroom. Therefore, it is not surprising that many homeowners are vying to add wardrobes to their homes. However, if it is a small room, then the process of creating a space will be a daunting task. 

First things first…

A small wardrobe is best when implementing a careful design plan. First, we delete unnecessary items and propose a purposeful small wardrobe design. Then, group the remaining items together to see how to optimize the available closet space. Finally, do some research and consider shelves, poles, bins, and storage solutions that can be used to keep the small closet neat and tidy. After which, you can introduce imaginative small wardrobe design ideas, customization, efficient layouts and closet finishing skills. Using these things will help you design your own small walk-in closet.
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  1. Dividing the small walk-in closet into multiple areas

The furniture is used to elevate the partitions, which will bring special practicality to the design of the small wardrobe. The bookshelf acts as a room divider, creating different dressing rooms by easily dividing the storage space for shoes. A liftable top bench seat placed under the rearview mirror provides additional storage space and a place for removal of the shoes. There is a trash can on the wall opposite the bookcase, placed in an easy-to-handle place, and the homeowner can see the wallet or handbag when he jumps from the door.

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  1. Use open storage space for easy access

Organizing the closet is essential to simplify daily work. When organizing a small closet, it is important to provide ample space for all items. Store folded items properly so that they are within sight and cannot fall on the shelf. Hang also clothes that can be wrinkled easily. Do not forget to arrange these clothes according to color. In this manner, you can easily find your favorite clothe. However, for some items that you do not wear in a regular basis, you can put them in a storage box. 

  1. Reconsider the layout of the small walk-in closet

The customized layout of the small walk-in closet expands the available space. You can put many drawers for storing folded clothes, accessories and other items. These drawers can be located in the center of the closet. You can strategically place a set of hanging rods to offset longer shirts or shortened pants in the clothes. The mirror and chandeliers on the dressing table will provide a place for jewellery and accessories. For the color scheme of the walk-in closet, try to use lighter and brighter color combinations so your closet will look bigger. Take note to observe the theme of your bed room. 

  1. Use vertical Space

Vertical space allows you to accommodate more area, no matter how small the space you have to deal with. Applying this technique when designing a wardrobe will allow the homeowner to use and maximize the available space. Hangers, open shelves and sliding closets leave extra square feet so you can actually walk. additionally, it can make your wardrobe look neat.

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  1. Use furniture in a small walk-in closet

Even if your space is small, there will still be a place for some furniture. You can build a cabinet that provide ample storage space both inside and at the top of the drawer. You can design your small wardrobe with a glass shelf (choose a reflective, continuous reflective type to brighten a dark wardrobe). A rod for hanging clothes can be installed in the rear compartment. The other compartment can have double poles to hold the top and jacket. Place shelves that rise up to the ceiling to store a variety of independent clothing and rarely used items. Then the transparent container sitting on the dressing table can be surrounded by colorful scarves. Finally, to spice up your mini walk-in closet, you can add a small foot chair to assist while you tie your shoelace. Or you can even place a bench on the corner piled up with some cushions to function as your “meditating area” on what to wear and use. For high quality cushions, you can buy cushions online. 

I hope you got something helpful. See you next time!