Blue screen errors are one of the most damaging elements of the Windows system, and are often described as “fatal” errors because of the way they tend to restart your PC and cause it to act uncontrollably. This type of error is one of the biggest problems for all Windows computers, but is an especially big problem for Windows 7. The good news is that if you’re receiving this type of error, you can actually fix it pretty easily by using the tutorial outlined in this article.

The way to fix a blue screen of death error is to repair the problems that first cause it. And although there are many different causes of this error, there are two main issues which will almost certainly be behind the issue – hardware & software issues. These two problems are major issues for Windows computers, as they are continually preventing your computer from being able to read the files / settings that it requires to run, making your PC run much slower and with a lot of errors.

The first thing to do to stop blue errors on Win7 is to ensure all your hardware is working correctly. If you have recently inserted any USB / external hard drive applications onto your computer, then remove them immediately… and if you have also noticed any sort of errors / problems with your PC in general, then you need to make sure the hardware is okay. The best way to do this would be to restart Windows in “safe mode” and then see if it functions okay in there. Safe mode is a type of setting that all versions of Windows have that loads them without any of the additional software programs / drivers that can cause problems. You can load safe mode by pressing F8 before Windows has the chance to load up, and after using your system for a while in this mode, you should be able to see if its got hardware issues or not (you can tell if it has hardware issues by checking if your system works in safe mode. If it does, the hardware is fine.

If your hardware of your system seems fine, then the next step is to look at the software of your PC, and the good news is that this problem is actually very easy to fix. The way to fix software issues on your computer is to repair the damaged parts of your system that can cause it to run slowly and with a lot of errors. And the main cause of problems for Windows 7 is actually down to a part of your PC called the “Registry”. This is a central database which hardly anyone knows about – but is one of the central causes of Windows 7’s blue screen errors.

The registry is the main software cause of errors for your PC, and is best described as being like a “library” of information for your computer. The registry database stores a lot of important settings that your computer needs to run, and plays a vital role in the smooth operation of your PC. Unfortunately, it’s constantly being damaged, leading your computer to become unable to read the settings it needs from the database, making it run slower & with errors. The real problems come when this database gets so corrupted that Windows cannot even read the files it needs from it, slowing it down.

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