A considerable discussion within the fitness world is whether you should use free weights when exercising or machine weights. While there are die-hard proponents for both sides of the argument, there is no hard-set rule on which technique is superior. Instead, the type of exercise regime an individual participates in, their own goals, fitness level, and access to equipment and funds will play a significant role in determining which system they should ultimately use.

Supporters of free weights will claim that it has been working for hundreds of years, with excellent results; why fix something that isn’t broken? While this is true, it has proven time. Again, specific training techniques proposed in the past have had minimal impact on a person’s physical physique and, in some cases, be harmful. As time progresses, technology improves, and some of these improvements have come in fitness equipment.

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Free Weights

When an individual goes to the gym, they are training not only endurance or cardio, but instead, they are training for “life.” It is not very often that a person will use the same motions “taught” by a fitness machine in their everyday life. However, while devices may not be efficient for everyday life, this is where free weights shine. Most of the time, free weights offer more range of motion for your muscles. More coverage of movement translates to more results, and free weights often engage more of your muscles at one time than their counterpart fitness equipment, you can choose a variety of residential free weights at FitnessExpoStores.com


Another positive of machines is how easy they are to use once you have been adequately instructed. You don’t have to waste time and energy dragging a barbell to your workout area, nor do you have to remove it back if you selected an inappropriate weight. Instead, most machines allow you to quickly adjust the weight you are using by merely moving a clasp up or down. Another positive aspect of fitness equipment is that most are multipurpose; once you finish doing one exercise, you can move right on to the next with minimal delay in your workout routine. Less uncertainty means faster, more efficient training sessions. Some machines even let you perform an entire body workout on the same equipment!

Unfortunately, efficiency comes at a cost. Fitness machines are expensive. Whether you are using a gym and paying for a monthly membership or deciding to invest in your home equipment will be costly. A couple of free weights are often less expensive and take up less space in the house. Also, many of the machines that are being advertised today are not effective or do not do what they claim. If you don’t take the time to do proper research, you may end up with an expensive coat rack rather than the full-body machine you bought.

As you can see, both free weights and fitness machines have their own merits and drawbacks, and neither system will be perfect for every person. Instead, before deciding which training technique you will pursue, determine your circumstances. It may be that free weights are the right choice for you, or it may be that you prefer machines, and remember, if you genuinely can’t make up your mind, nothing is stopping you from using both!