Graduating can be a huge achievement, and there’s no better way to celebrate that accomplishment than with a grad party. Organizing a Grad Party will require you to send out invitations as early as possible. It is the perfect way to let your loved ones know about your graduation celebration when you send out high school graduation announcements.

Graduation parties are a great way to honor all your achievements. You can use your Graduation photos in a creative way to create the perfect graduation party invitations.

For many families, inviting family members to graduation is a major event. In the end, it’s not every day that you get to write a greeting and send it through the mail. 

This is one of those major life accomplishments that you want to do right and follow the appropriate etiquette, regardless of whether you are graduating from high school or college. It takes a lot of time and effort to create the perfect graduation invitations, find the addresses of family and friends, and determine the appropriate stamps. 

1. Choosing a theme takes some time.

If you prefer, you can choose a non-photo design that features a tassel or cap and gown illustration (we have many designs you can choose from). You can choose an invite with bright silver or gold confetti text and embellishments, or you can choose a custom foil invitation. Consider graduation invites with a theme that matches your style and consider matching graduation design.

2. Carefully choose the color scheme and font for your card.

So that your guests can easily read the important details of your party, make sure the font contrasts well with your background color. You may want to consider using the colors of your new college if you are graduating high school. Check these cheap graduation invitations.

3. Consider getting your graduation photos taken by a professional photographer.

Book your photoshoot two to three months prior to graduation if you would like professional photos taken. Then you have plenty of time to choose the right photo prints for your invitations once you receive the photo prints back.

4. Think about mixing formal and informal photos.

Consider using both formal and informal pictures on your graduation cards. Whether you are wearing your cap and gown or a favorite outfit, include your cap and gown photos and some outfit photos as well. In addition to these photos, you can also include those taken during your graduation party in a Graduation Photo Book to make this experience a treasured memory forever.

5. Use photos that reflect your personality.

Make your graduation pictures unique by wearing your kit and holding the ball if you play soccer or baseball. You might want to consider taking photos on a beach or in a field or forest nearby if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Keep a smile on your face when taking your photos! Your graduation is a great achievement, so make sure you capture it in your photos.

6. Celebrate where you came from.

Take photos of yourself growing up and recent graduate photos. Pictures of your kindergarten graduation and middle school graduation or pretty pictures of you!

7. Take lots of photos!

No matter what photos you don’t use in your invitation, you can have them printed on a wall canvas and give them to mom and dad as a gift.