Customizing and Personalizing things are not new to us. We often choose not to purchase ready-made stuffs; instead we make it our own way. From clothes we wear, things we use at school and at work and even to the upholstery we have inside our house. Rather than purchasing and buying things at store, we patiently and diligently customize and personalize them. A great example of upholstery we can make on our own is our cushion. We like our cushion best when it is made by us. We appreciate the purpose of our cushion when we know that it is woven and sewed by us. And we definitely see the value of our handmade cushion here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop because we personalize it.

That is why, for our topic today, I am going to give you the reasons why you should start owning and making your own handmade cushion. However, there are also limitations and disadvantages in doing so. All these and more will be discovered if you continue reading.


  1. It is one-of-a-kind

Even if you use patterns, the material you will choose is different. You will have handmade cushions that are different and unique that no one else has the same handmade cushion as yours. The seams, buttons, zippers, stitching, design and materials are all yours. If you look at excellent materials, then surely you can make your handmade cushion attractive and visitors will probably ask you where you bought all your cushions.

  • It’s a wonderful hobby

Making your own handmade cushion yourself may take much time. In the long run, you will undeniably love it and will realize that you already like it. Sewing things, stitching and designing will introduce many different elements. First, you will need to plan how to make and design your own cushions. Then, you will choose raw materials to use. And lay outing, tailoring, and sewing patterns will be the next step. All these steps are challenging and require a lot of effort but if you’ll get used in personalizing your own handmade cushion, then it will surely become a hobby.

  • It’s an activity you do with your family

Sewing and designing your handmade cushion involve a variety of techniques and skills. And as mentioned earlier, it will become a great hobby you can practice later on. With that being said, you can pass on your hobby to your kids and other family members and make this as an activity during your past time. For the innocent mind of your children, explain clearly to them that sewing is not done by gender. Boys, too, can sew and design their own handmade cushion. By this, you are implying an attitude of not being gender-bias among your children.

  • It fits your style and taste

There are really times where we cannot find the style we want on stores. We crave for something new and different—which is rare to find on department stores or any shops. That is where making your own cushion takes in place. With the right quality of materials and fabrics, you can create and make your own handmade cushion that will definitely suit your personality and style. From the design to the kind of fabric you want to have, all of that can be possible through customizing and personalizing.


  1. It is time consuming

There is no doubt that when you make your own handmade cushion, the final result will be satisfactory. However, the disadvantage is that it will take a long time. If the stitches are weak, the fabric may be wasted. Thus, you will just need to restart everything up and do it all over again. It also needs a lot of effort to make your handmade cushion great and attractive.

  • It may cost more

When the fabric you are going to use is in good quality, so that means that your fabric cost much than buying a ready-made cushion. Buying off-the-shelf handmade cushion on stores seems to be a natural and practical choice than making your own. But who wouldn’t want to have a high quality fabric, right? High quality fabrics are good investment when it comes to handmade cushion because if you choose to be more practical and decide to have a not-so durable fabric, then you will need to buy another fabric after 2 years.

  • Sewing without knowledge is a waste of Time

Without understanding the basics of sewing and designing your handmade cushions, you may mess up everything you want. If you want to achieve that good-looking and attractive handmade cushion, you need to receive proper training for this skill and you need to know the exact steps to be performed. In addition, there are many ways to sew on different parts of the fabric to make it strong and durable. If you do not know how to use a sewing machine and all these technologies, then you will be in big trouble. Stitching may be a good option but it takes time.

Obviously, there are downsides of making your own handmade cushion, but once your materials came from a trusted store (Just like Yorkshire Fabric Shop), then you don’t have to consider the above issues. Therefore, before starting making your own handmade cushion, use an online research about the best fabric shop where you can get the fabrics and other materials for your cushion.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to start preparing for sewing and designing your own handmade cushion by buying a suitable fabric. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is my recommended fabric shop for your handmade cushion. They have the best fabrics and textiles in town and surely, all the fabrics are durable and safe. Remember to choose sewing materials and fabrics that will suit your needs plus don’t forget that the fabric should be durable so it will practical on your side.

For those who appreciate creativity and originality, this is a simple solution: plan your design, choose a material and a fabric then select the quantity you need.