In June 2019, beatmaker Phil Agudelo—better known as Phil A—teamed with fellow Vegas rapper Omino Jakku to release an LP, Maryland Hark Way, underneath the identify Slump Lords. Just one yr afterwards, Agudelo discovered himself in a considerably significantly less celebratory scenario.

“Sometime towards the close of June, I had a completely unpredicted coronary heart assault in my rest, and my girlfriend saved my lifetime,” Agudelo, 35, claims. Just after she done CPR and called an ambulance, Agudelo put in times unconscious in the healthcare facility prior to having a heart stent implanted.

“That whole time is kind of a blur for me,” Agudelo, now totally recovered, states. “I didn’t realize that I wasn’t truly dwelling a nutritious way of life, but that adjusted my full outlook. I’m just content to be alive.”

Agudelo has been a winner of the Vegas hip-hop scene for far more than a decade, first in defunct trio Mob Zombie and now with Rap Is Enjoyment, a platform that encourages area artists, albums and much more.

Subsequent on Agudelo’s plate: a collaboration with longtime mate Rasson Arigato. The two MCs shared the mic in Mob Zombie, and Arigato has been featured on earlier Slump Lord tracks. Agudelo claims he finished the beats for Arigato’s future project prior to his heart assault, and now he’s gearing up to give that record a good force in November.

Agudelo is also at get the job done on an album with longtime mates and collaborator Hassan Hamilton. January will mark the 10th anniversary of that duo’s album, Rap Tunes. “Me and Hassan have been hanging out about the previous number of months, so we’re just finding the vibe suitable yet again,” Agudelo states, with an eye toward new songs by early 2021.

Not long ago, Agudelo also created an upcoming album for LA-centered MC LMNO. And considering the fact that his recovery, Phil A has place out two conquer tapes of his have, This Week. Vol Won and This 7 days. One-Two, with a third planned to hit Bandcamp on October 2, when that website will waive charges for all buys.

“I’m heading to be placing out conquer tapes at a a lot more immediate pace,” Agudelo states cheerfully. “I make beats every single working day, and it’s been a truly excellent matter for me. I just want to launch stuff at a more quickly amount and not hold anything back.”