Watch Serena Williams' 5yo hilariously mistake tampons for cat toys

She’s not the initially child to locate some fun in period items.

Ignorance is bliss. Multiply that by a kid’s boundless imagination and all of a sudden a postpartum maxi pad is an airplane sticker or a mattress for dolls. Serena Williams received to encounter the hilarious joy of her daughter’s imagination this week when Olympia identified her mom’s tampon and termed it a “cat toy”.

Williams posted a TikTok that showed her five-12 months-previous opening a tampon and pushing it out of the purple applicator. The caption reads “Who am I to steal her joy, it is a Cat Toy! Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld,” which just makes sense at the time you observe the video clip.

It opens with an amused Williams inquiring Olympia what she’s playing with.

“A cat toy for Karma,” Olympia responds.

Williams inquiries if the tampon is a cat toy for their cat Karma.

“Yes it is,” Olympia cheerfully solutions as she carries on to happily enjoy with the tampon. At this level, Williams is visibly attempting to keep in her laughter.

@serena Who am I to steal her joy, it’s a Cat Toy! Never @ me #OlympiasWorld ♬ initial audio – Serenawilliams

Moments afterwards, right after thoroughly unravelling the initially tampon, Olympia fishes out a new one—and her mom’s huge eyes and wry smile only make the whole factor funnier.

“You received some more cat toys?” Williams asked as Olympia tinkers with the new pack, ready to rip it open up.

“Ok, let us not play with much too quite a few of these,” she states, attempting to prevent her daughter from squandering a different.

Nonetheless, like any kindergartener, Olympia is established to get just one more, and Williams is all mothers when she throws up her arms and gives in.

But Olympia’s tapping into a pattern that has had mothers and fathers laughing for years—she’s absolutely not the initially kid to find some fun by way of menstrual products and solutions. Who can forget about this sweet small woman who fashioned a dozen beds for her dolls (her mom’s response is hilarious):

Honestly, no matter if you are Serena Williams or not, whichever keeps ’em busy, suitable? Properly, in reason—tampons and pads are not cheap!

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