This field of web hosting is pretty dynamic and has various aspects and different layers to those aspects. To begin your website hosting journey, you will have to begin with the journey of fathoming all the different features and functions of this industry and take your first step.

With website hosting, you will experience different types of web hosting in Australia and around the world, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, or VPS hosting. All of these hosting types are available with web hosts in Australia

Along with that, the service providers offer you a choice, a choice between managed or unmanaged hosting.

Unmanaged hosting is also called self-hosting, which signifies that the service providers won’t be involved in the management and maintenance of the server and website; they will only provide the network and resources. 

Let us understand the concept of self-hosting and its benefits.


As mentioned above, self-hosting is another term for unmanaged hosting. This term is coined from the customer’s perspective and not the service provider. 

If the customer or user chooses unmanaged hosting, they will be deemed responsible for setting up, configuring, managing, and maintaining the website and everything related to that for the entire term of the service contract, usually a year. 

The service providers will provide the server and the network required for hosting the self-hosted website. Apart from that, it is in the user’s hand.

If you are planning to be a self-host, here are a few advantages you will enjoy for opting the unmanaged hosting.

Benefits of Self-Hosting

  • Complete and Comprehensive Control

Self-hosting allows complete rights over all the aspects of hosting your website, including settings, configuration, root access, email hosting, domains, hosting infrastructure, management, hosting software tools, security, etc. 

This allows you a lot of control over your website’s functionality and performance.

  • Provides Digital and Data Privacy

Your digital database remains in your control with the help of self-hosting. This will not be possible if your hosting is managed and under some third party’s disposal. 

With the increasing security issues related to data theft, breaches, and DDoS attacks, this is such a relief for website owners.

  • Enables Cost-Cutting Possibility

Self-hosting plans are less expensive than managed hosting packages. This is because the service providers do not have to provide any other service except for the server and network. 

Even though the additional cost of supplementary software tools and security systems will add up, the freedom of choosing cost-effective tools is in your hands.

  • Freedom and Flexibility in Customisation

As mentioned above, you have the freedom to choose the hosting software, security tools, plugins, and other necessary resources. 

This applies to all the web hosting related features and aspects. You can tailor the functions of your website according to your preferences and convenience. 

  • Liberation From Service Restrictions

With unmanaged hosting, you will not have to depend and rely on the service providers for every little setting and change that is necessary for the betterment of your website. 

There will be no restriction of time, barrier of communication, or other similar difficulties at the time of changing settings. All of this because all the cPanel and root access lies with you!


Self-hosting or unmanaged hosting provides better freedom and control over our digital presence in the form of websites. 

It is a great way of customising and giving it a personal touch. If you want your website to be a virtual reflection of your business (or the purpose of your website), you can definitely opt for self-hosting. 

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