4 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Happy in a Nursing Home

Did you know that the risk of developing mental health problems increases as you age?  In fact, statistics show that 20% of people above 55 years develop mental health problems. The most prevalent mental conditions include mood problems such as depression, severe cognitive impairment, and anxiety. A major cause of this problem is that most people find it hard to stay fulfilled, active, and social as they age. Luckily, assisted living in Orlando and in other facilities near you, can help seniors remain active and avoid mental health problems. 

Below are two ways they help. 

1. Gives Seniors a Sense of Belonging

Humans are social beings who desire to pursue meaningful objectives and belong to some form of community. They also want to be cared for, recognized, and feel at home. Assisted living facilities offer the seniors an opportunity to be part of a community of other seniors.

2. Offers Safety and Security

According to Maslow’s hierarchy, feeling secure and safe is as important as having shelter and food. If a senior lacks a sense of safety and security, it’s hard for them to develop self-fulfillment, knowledge, and friendship. Assisted living facilities are designed with seniors in mind to help them stay safe and enjoy their lives.

Final Word

Living a purposeful life helps you remain healthier, promote happiness, and reduce loneliness. Senior facilities provide opportunities for fun things like outings, fun activities, and interesting events. It also offers a great opportunity for seniors to learn new things which are essential for their overall mental health.