Why Solventless Extraction Is Better for Your Business & the Planet

In California, a lot goes into choosing the best strains for processing solventless extraction. The quality of the bud and the strain greatly influence the end product. It is, therefore, critical to know what the key indicators of quality cannabis are. You also need to know the strains well so you can decide which ones will yield great results in the end. Here are four factors to consider when choosing the best cannabis for solventless concentrate California-based, especially for rosin pressing.

1. Terpenes

The components of cannabis responsible for its aroma and flavor are known as terpenes. The stronger the cannabis aroma, the more terpenes it has. This also means the extraction has got more flavor. It’s important to smell the cannabis and only choose the strains with the strongest, most pungent aroma. Keep off stale strains as this is evidence that they contain degraded terpenes, which means your solventless won’t have the appropriate smell and taste. 

2. Trichomes

When you think about solventless extraction, think about separating trichomes from plants. The goal should be to choose strains that have the highest quantity of trichomes, since the more resinous trichomes you have, the higher the amount of rosin you can squeeze out. Closely inspect your cannabis to get a feel of the quantity and quality of present trichomes and then pick the buds with the greatest potential for extraction.

3. Cultivation

If you get this consideration right, you will get most of the others right as well. Cultivation is the single most important consideration for choosing cannabis for solventless extraction. If you have a decent cannabis strain and then cultivate it well, you can be sure of harvesting a strain that will outperform even the greatest strain that’s been poorly cultivated. The key is to look for the best-grown bud.

4. Strains 

Once you have established the quality of cultivation and the trichome density, and the content of the terpene, your next step is to select the most appropriate strains. Choose those that perform best when pressing solventless rosin. Among the best strains are Chemdawg and GG4, which is also known as Gorilla Glue #4. You might also want to consider GMOs, also known as Garlic Cookies, and Papaya. The “White” strains also work wonderfully during solventless extraction.

You can achieve the best solventless concentrate variety by choosing the right strains of cannabis. If you can get the process right at this stage, you are guaranteed a great end product.