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Logistics will not be possible without transport, that is why they have to go together. Logistics and transport management can be able to achieve their goal if they are able to pull the right techniques to produce an efficient and effective way of transporting inventory. To be able to make this happen there are people behind the management and also manpower who are responsible for literally moving parcels and goods. 

What Does A Transport And Logistics Manager Do?

Just like any manager they are responsible for hiring and firing employees for warehousing, transportation and storage duties. 

  • They Are also responsible in checking the qualification of applicants as well as conducting interviews. They play an important role in selecting the right candidate for the position that  needs to be filled in. They also act as supervisors on how the workers in the warehouse fulfill their duties and make sure that they perform their duties well during their shifts. 
  • They have to check on the workers if they are in proper attire during work such as wearing protective gear and if they are using the right equipment for the cargo assigned to them. 
  • It is also their responsibility to order supplies needed such as packaging materials and other equipment. 
  • They also have to make sure that the vehicles are in good condition and are following safety regulations given by the government. 

What Is The Difference Between Transport And Logistics?

Logistics focuses on the handling of the supply chain management of transportation from the origin of goods to the user. Logistics duties are as follows:


Goods should be able to reach the end user in a good condition. For this to happen logistics should make the packaging durable and be able to use the proper packaging materials for the goods. 

Warehouse Management 

Logistics are in charge of keeping track of the parcels that enter and leave the warehouse. Everything should be monitored and recorded via their software so forwarding of details to manufacturers and end users is easier. Each logistics has its own system on how they organize their goods and how they delegate with the distribution. Since goods are different they have to be able to formulate a way to schedule which one goes out first and which one can stay longer in the warehouse. 

Transport on the other hand is in charge of carrying the parcels to the designated addresses where parcels have to be delivered. It is their duty to determine what vehicle should be used based on the following factors:

  • Size of the Goods 
  • Weight of the Goods 
  • The length of time on how long the goods will be delivered to the end user

What Is Transportation And Logistics?

Logistics And Transportation Industry works as partners to be able to achieve their main goal which is to be able to collect the goods from the manufacturer and deliver it to the end user in  perfect condition. There may be a lot of factors to consider to make transportation and logistics work perfectly but having a company that can manage it well can make it work efficiently and effectively. Logistics will not be able to work without transportation. 

What are the Principles Of Transport And Logistics Management?

The principle for transport and logistic management is simple: goods need to be delivered and without transport it will not be possible. They both work hand in hand, they use a transport management system to make everything smooth and be more productive in their ventures. Everything should be managed well to be able to have a smooth in and out of parcels. This involves Inventory management, safety stocks, warehouse operations, supply chain management and strategic logistics. 

Logistics And Transport Management may have a lot of managing to do but they are able to pull it off without them it will not be possible for people to transfer goods from one place to another with convenience. Nowadays logistic service providers are the ones people need to be able to keep moving, they avail their services for food deliveries, business goods transport, equipment transport. With logistics and transport management everything is possible to get transported. Sure Logix Provides Solutions For All Your Needs, Including Transport Management, Warehousing, And More! If you need one contact them.